Introducing Summer Arts: Cyber

Due to COVID-19 considerations, for the first time in over two decades we have been forced to cancel our on-site activities for Summer Arts Stages and Safari. However, you know what they say, the show must go on!

This year we are continuing the tradition of Summer Arts by bringing you Summer Arts Cyber, a two week online camp run for free by our talented staff. Each day during of our Cyber Safari will contain a new, fun-filled activity that will provide your child with a unique opportunity to express their creativity. We hope that this will provide your family with a welcome artistic diversion this July, and that you will tell your friends that Summer Arts is still going strong this summer

All activities begin at 1:00pm. Activities include:

July 6th:

Frozen Watch Party:
Many of our activities will be Frozen themed, so we hope to sync up with our campers and watch Frozen together in our respective homes. Ability to stream the video at home required for this activity.

July 7th:

Tik Tok Theatre:

Katie Holleman will be leading a highly educational workshop on how to get the most out of your TikTok videos, with a Frozen spin.

July 8th:

Write your own Disney song:

We have many talented composers working with us this summer who have offered a song-writing workshop for beginners. You write the songs, and we'll perform them!

July 9th:

Costume Scavenger Hunt:

Paul Millette will be tasking campers with creating a variety of costumes out of the materials they are able to find around their house. Elsa will never be as frozen as when she's decked out in ice-cube trays.

July 10th:

Whale Shark Theatre:

If your kids have done Safari with us in the past, they know what this is. If they haven't, they will be amazed by the high-art that is Whale Shark Theatre.

July 13th:

Frozen Mafia:

Ashley Fredricksen will be leading a character workshop culminating in an exciting game of the oft-requested Mafia, the only catch is that the campers will have to stay in character for the duration of the game.

July 14th:

Frozen Puppet Extravaganza:

Ashley will help the kids in constructing Frozen puppets out of house-hold ingredients, and then put on a puppet show that will put the original film to shame.

July 15th:

Disney Song Performance:

Songs written by campers in the previous song-writing workshop will be filled out with accompaniment and performed by our staff. Expect serious, compelling performances of serious, compelling work.

July 16th:

Music Video: How to?

Katie Holleman, producer of  Central Cass High Schools hit Facebook series: "The Masked Singer: Central Cass Edition", will retake the stage with a deep dive on how to create your own music videos. 

July 17th:

Game Day and Finale:

There will be an hour of classic Safari games given a Cyber spin (Zoom barricade is going to leave an impression), followed by a celebration of the work we've done and a showcase of the work the campers put together throughout the week. Parents are welcome to attend!


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